Elle TENS Plus Hire FULLY BOOKED for June Due Dates

About Hatchling.

Hi, I'm Hannah. I am a midwife and a mother.
I have always been passionate about pregnancy and birth and after giving birth to my son in 2019, I wanted to contribute something more to the community of Australian mothers.
Almost as soon as I discovered I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to try a TENS machine during labour. I have seen them in action many times as a midwife and the women who use them SWEAR by them. Well, now I do too. It was AMAZING, from making the car ride to the hospital 'easier', to the automatic timing of contractions - I didn't want to take it off!

Enter Hatchling, a concept I would've loved while preparing for the birth of my son. As a first time mother I found it so overwhelming deciding which products to use during pregnancy and birth. Chatting with close friends also revealed that they were unsure of what they could actually bring with them to hospital to make their room feel more comfortable and familiar - as a midwife this broke my heart.

So, with the amazing products I have chosen as well as our Elle TENS Plus hire, I hope I can help you on your way to a beautiful birthing experience.

Here's to motherhood and the amazing power of the female body,
Happy birthing!

- Hannah xx